BDF Free v3.0


Status: Version 3.0 Released

BDF Free is the free version of Become: Debt Free, using the same calculation routines but without the modelling and progress snapshot and graphing functions.

You enter your card data in exactly the same  way, and receive the same analysis and payment recommendations as you would in the full version.

The app’s screens and functions are briefly described below, for more detail please see the Become: Debt Free pages from the link above but bear in mind that the modelling and progress graphing functions are not present in BDF Free, but can be added by In-App upgrade.

The Manage Cards screen will be familiar to users of Versions 1 & 2. Here you see all your cards listed, by issuer, with the outstanding balances on the right hand side. BDF Free comes with some data already entered so you can play around with it, if you wish, before getting serious and entering your own data.

The Edit button allows you to delete the cards you don’t want, the + allows you to add new ones.

A new feature is the validation feature which checks that all the data for the card is complete and consistent. If not, a red X is displayed and the card excluded from calculations. To investigate, tap the card’s entry and the problem will be highlighted on the info screen.

Tapping on a card’s entry takes you to the info  screen for the card, where you can change any of it’s data, and see how long it will take to clear at minimum or your usual payments.

This is the screen for updating your card data every month from your statement. Typically you only need update the current balance and minimum payment once the card has been set up, although it is as well to keep a check on the interest rate from time to time. Most people try to pay more than the minimum each month to try to make inroads into the outstanding balance, the cost of not doing so is made clear at the bottom of the screen. If you only pay the minimum, the interest compounds monthly and can become a significant cost.

Having completed all the entry / updating for the month, tapping the Analysis button will you to the Analysis screen shown left.

The top three sections summarise all your card and payments data.

The next section shows how much it would cost, and how long it would take to repay all these cards at the issuer’s minimum payments each month.

The next shows the savings in time and money you are already making if your usual payments are over the minimum.

Then you can see how paying the same money in the optimal manner, attacking the highest interest charging debt first can save you further time and money at no extra cost.

Lastly, but most important of all, you can see how long it will take to become debt free

Click here to see ...
How the optimisation process works ... and why you should botherDebt_Free_Examples.html

Tapping the Payments button brings you to the screen on the left. Here, the recommended payments to be made this month for each of you cards is shown. Making these payments this month, then updating the cards and paying the recommended payments in each coming month will ensure that you become debt free in the time shown on the Analysis screen.

Should things change, interest rates perhaps, the target will recalculate automatically to accommodate this. Similarly if you can’t make more than the minimum payments one month, or you use the card for new spending, the calculations will readjust next time you update your data.

After you have seen how much time and money can be saved, if you wish to explore the benefits of making further payments, and doing so in the most effective manner, you may wish to purchase Become: Debt Free, also on the App Store. Or even easier, use the In-App upgrade to get all the functionality of Become: Debt Free unlocked within BDF Free.

You can read more about Become: Debt Free here ...Debt_Free_Described.html

Completely redesigned user interface.

New Home screen gathering together the most import data for quick review.

Streamlined and simplified PIN access.

More formal and visible validation of card data.

In-App problem & suggestion reporting and access to support and product websites.

In-App user guide.

Option to upgrade with In-App purchase to full functionality of Become: Debt Free with Modelling, Snapshots and graphical analysis. Model extra payments, and take a snapshot at any time and view graphs of your progress along your chosen path. The upgrade will not affect your existing data, you can just carry on with the extra functions.

What’s new in version 3.0

The new Home screen and Tab Bar interface mean you get the most important information upfront, and direct access to other parts of the App directly. At the top of the screen are the three most important metrics, Total Debt, the highest applicable interest rate on any card with a balance, and the number of months to Debt Freedom with your current payments applied in the optimal manner. Watching each of these figures clock downwards over the months will provide the  necessary encouragement to press on to completion.

Apart from the Tabs taking you to areas familiar to users of Versions 1 and 2, there are three new screens accessible from the front page.

The About screen shows the current version, and describes and accesses the In-App upgrade process. Pressing the upgrade button will provide a prompt screen asking you to confirm that you wish to purchase the upgrade, and showing the price. If you choose to go ahead the process is completely automatic but may take a couple of minutes. Once the upgrade is confirmed, you should back up your device if possible, so that if you need to do a restore you don’t lose the upgrade. If this does happen, you can go through the upgrade process again without being charged a second time. The upgrade is valid for any and all devices you may have installed the App on. The upgrade takes effect the next time the App is started from ‘cold’, i.e. not just recalled from the background on IOS4 devices.

The User Guide is a PDF file viewed from within the App and describes the functionality of the App as well as some of the philosophy behind it.

Updates to the User Guide will be published on this website to correct any errors or omissions that arise.

These can’t currently be imported into the App, but can be read via Safari, or downloaded and read in iBooks if you are using an iPad.

The Contact Us screen provides in-App access to pro-forma e-mails to report problems and suggest improvements if you have e-mail configured on your device.

In addition there are direct links to areas of this website which you can access from within BDF Free so you don’t lose your place or train of thought by exiting the App.