Become: Debt Free v3.1


New home page which collects together the most import basic information, access to progress history, the user guide, and the contact pages. Along the bottom of the screen are tabs which take you directly to each area familiar to users of versions 1 and 2.

The top panel shows the three metrics considered most important in your progress to debt freedom, the Total Debt, the highest interest rate currently applicable, and the time it will take to achieve it.

The Contact Us page provides direct in-app access to e-mail (Providing you have it configured on your device) to report problems and make suggestions. You can also access the support and debt-free webpages without leaving the app (Providing you have Wi-Fi or Cellular data access).

The in-app help guide is a .pdf file and provides more complete background and guidance than the in-app prompts. Updates of this file into the app are not currently possible, but this website will carry downloadable .pdf files as and when updates are deemed necessary because of errors or omissions. These files can be read by .pdf viewers or in iBooks if you are using an iPad.

The Manage Cards screen is on the second tab at the bottom of the screen. New to version 3.0 is the validation checking of card data. If data is incomplete or in error, Debt Free will mark the card with an X and not include it in calculations. Tapping the row thus marked will highlight the figures which are incomplete or in error.

For more about Card Validation click here.

The Info page for each card shows the field by field validation marks, as well as the information familiar to users of previous versions.

The Analysis screen is unchanged from previous versions.

The Modelling screen is unchanged from previous versions.

Apart from a change of colour, the Payment screen is unchanged from previous versions.

For more details on what Become: Debt Free is and what it does, click here.

The Progress screen shows graphs of your progress against the three primary metrics. Tap a row below the graph to see the chart for that metric. If you haven’t made any snapshots you will be prompted to tap the Snapshots button at the top right to start saving some data.

Status: Version 3.1 Released

Completely redesigned user interface.

New Home screen gathering together the most import data for quick review.

Streamlined and simplified PIN access.

More formal and visible validation of card data.

In-App problem & suggestion reporting and access to support and product websites.

In-App user guide.

Snapshots and graphical analysis. Take a snapshot at any time and view graphs of your progress along your chosen path.

What’s new in version 3.0

What’s new in version 3.1

Context sensitive Assistance for each page. This can be disabled when no longer required, but can be re-enabled later if desired.

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