Almanac v5.0


The App opens to the screen on the left showing the time, day, date, sunrise and sunset times, and the current phase of the moon.

Rotating the device shows a larger clock display.

Swiping on the lower display area shows the Greenwich Mean and Local Apparent Sidereal Times. These are times based with reference to the stars and are used by Astronomers, and Astral and Lunar planters and growers.

Rotating the device shows some advice for planters and growers for the current moon phase and constellation.

Swiping again on the lower screen brings today’s Biorhythm chart into view.

Rotating the device shows today’s values and some details of their derivation.

Swiping again in the lower part of the display gives you the opportunity to record your own measures for each of the elements that the Biorhythm chart uses, viz. Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual. You can do this as often as you like.

Rotating the device allows you to see a graph of your own records.

Pressing the Butterfly button whenever it is displayed brings up a list of RSS feeds with news and topical data. Tap a row to see the current news items for that feed. Tap a row here and you can read the news item without leaving the App. You can change all or any of these and add as many as you wish.

Rotating the device makes the display wider, but less tall.

Swiping on the lower display area shows the current Nautical / Military Time for the chosen location. Lower in the display, the current zone and watch are shown along with the last bell.

Rotating the device shows a description of Nautical Time, Nautical Time Zones, ships watches and bells.

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The Groovy 1970s

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The 1980s 

LCD and Dot Matrix technology
1950s and 1960s

Nixie Tubes and CRTs
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Edwardian Era
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