Savvy v3.0


What’s new in version 3.0

Completely redesigned user interface.

Freedom to have as many categories of both Assets and Liabilities as you wish, and you can name them as you wish.

Ratio based rather than narrative analysis provides a platform for investigation into your current finances, and a stable basis for comparison.

Better and more complete in-App user guide.

Snapshots and graphical analysis. Take a snapshot at any time and view graphs of your progress along your chosen path.

The new home page brings together the four most important elements of your financial position, and gives access to all other parts of the App via the three buttons, and the tab bar along the bottom.

The Analysis and Ratios button brings you here where you can see the six ratios Savvy uses to help provide insight into your current position. These six, along with your current Net Worth and Cost of Money measures provide the basis for a complete review (A sanity check) and for ongoing control.

Purchase analysis information is entered in just the same way as in Savvy Versions 1 & 2. The analysis produced by the “What will it cost me?” button is more structured in Version 3.0

The Contact Us button gives you direct access from within Savvy, to mail problem reports or suggestions. You can also access this website without leaving the App.

The User Guide is also available from within the App. Updates will be available as .pdf files from this webpage and these can be read in iBooks if you are using an iPad.

The Progress screen shows graphs of snapshotted data for Net Worth, Cost of Money and the six ratios.