somnus v1.0


What’s it for?

somnus is an app to help you get to sleep, by promoting the use of a routine involving getting yourself ready, relaxing, and setting yourself free. Development of a good bedtime habit is widely considered to be greatly beneficial to satisfactory regular sleep. For most of us, most of the time, that is all we need. Clearly if you are in great pain, under unusual stress or grieving for a loss somnus can only be a minor part of a proper programme of treatment and professional help should be sought.

The habit promoted by somnus is one used by many people for many years and is based on the premise that going to bed and going to sleep are purposeful activities that you do, not just what happens at the end of the day.

The steps are :-

1. Clear your head of clutter, if you have things to remember for the morning, write them down and forget about them. If you have problems or exciting things coming, choose which is the most important and decide, deliberately, that your subconscious should deal with that while you sleep. Pay no more attention to them.

2. Get yourself comfortable.

3. Starting with your toes and working your way up to your head, tightly tense and release muscles twice. I do these pairs in quick succession taking no more than a second each time, others prefer to take up to five seconds each time, the app is set somewhere in between. It won’t take long to find a pace that suits you. I find it best to work quite hard by trying to make joints such as knees, elbows and shoulders go the other way to normal use.

The sequence I use is :-

Toes - clench hard

Ankles - feet tilted up hard

Knees - use your thigh muscles to try to make your shins rise up

Hips - clench your bottom as hard as you can

Stomach - pull it in as hard as you can

Fingers - flex backwards

Wrists - flip your hands up

Elbows - with your hands still, use your biceps to try and bend your elbows backwards

Shoulders - press them backwards

Neck - tilt your head back

You should do these in pairs, and after each pair you will feel a glow from the joints and muscles affected. If you do not feel completely relaxed, you may wish to adjust the way you flex the muscles, which muscles you flex, and the amount you do them by. You will soon find out what works for you.

4. Free your mind. somnus uses two pieces of music, “Floating Upwards” and “Drifting Away” and you may find either picturing yourself floating upwards or drifting away on a raft helpful. Whatever you choose should represent to you just letting go.

Press Play to start playing. The button will change to Pause.

Pressing Pause will pause the music and cause the exercise guide to restart when you next press Play.

Pressing Stop will halt the music and reset the timer and exercise guide.

Move the slider to a comfortable volume, the level you set will be remembered for your next use.

The number beneath the slider is a countdown in seconds.

Use the slider to set how long you wish somnus to play.

Choose which tunes you wish played. If you only choose one, it will be repeated, if you choose both, they will alternate.

somnus is with the Apple app store for approval and release. Until then, you can listen to the two pieces of music (Which were written for the app) by clicking the SoundCloud widgets below.