The borAmazon Buttonder between England and Wales is surrounded on both sides by the Welsh Marches. These are an area of transition, neither one nor the other. They are also an area of considerable natural beauty and charm.

The first seven tracks are ambient impressions of the area around Hay-on-Wye a Welsh town right on the border in the marches, hence the album name.

In addition to the physical border through the marches, the impressions relate to the other transitions which show this area at its finest, the changing of the seasons and between day and night.

If you kbadge_itunes-lrgnow the area, try the samples and see if my impressions chime with yours. If not, try it anyway, you may like them and be inspired to come and have a look.

All songs written and performed by Jon Moncrieff © 2012

Dawn over Hay

Sparrows cough, crows yawn and stretch, and the pink fingers of dawn spread over the sleepy town.


My early morning view. Perfect with the first cup of tea of the day.

Capel – y – ffin

A strange, ever changing place. At its best in Spring and Autumn to my mind.


Misty fields in winter, crisp frost underfoot and you can see and hear for miles.

Black Mountains

Stark, lonely and beautiful. Twisty roads and high hedges present changing glimpses of farms and peaks.

Red Kites over Hay Bluff

Climbing and falling in empty clear air. How I wish I could do that.


The name is from the Welsh for clear water.


Anxiety … Resolve … Hope … Dashed.

After the rain

When the rain stops and the birds come out again and chatter as though they hadn’t seen each other for years, then disperse to get on with things before the next shower.


Fishing-boat-bobbing serenity.

These other tracks are more songlike :-


For absent friends.