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All songs written and performed by Jon Moncrieff © 2014






  1. Whobody? – is about searching for a non-specific somebody, if its about anything at all.
  2. Sturm und Drang – is about a story I read, read about, or imagined in which a girl is staying with her Grandma at her cottage and is afraid of thunderstorms. Her Grandma tells her to close the shutters, bolt the doors, block the fireplace, than fetch pots and pans and when the storm comes to shout and bang to frighten it away.
  3. Steam
  4. Blissful ignorance – (Unknown unknowns as we have it nowadays) is pretty self explanatory.
  5. Cognitive Dissonance – a psychologist’s term for the holding of mutually inconsistent beliefs or those which are at variance with the world at large. It used to be considered a sign of intelligence, when doubt and discrimination were valued. Now co-opted and corrupted by some to mean views incompatible with their own
  6. Let it go – carrying too much, including too much stuff you don’t want, need or use, as well as partial knowledge about things you can’t control or help with.
  7. Johnny-head-in-air
  8. Marie Antoinette – that distancing ignorance where we don’t wish to learn more for fear of being drawn into providing a solution. Often attributed to her, maybe unfairly, but the song is about courtly elegance without regard to the outside world.
  9. Nescience
  10. Plausible Deniability
  11. Oblivion – a descent from knowledge.
  12. Unmapped – a stranger in a strange land.
  13. A hundred unblessed sneezes – the title comes from Dan Rhodes book Gold in which the protagonist Miyuki is taking her annual holiday away from her girlfriend Grindl. Although alone, she has brought with her Grindl’s belief that if she sneezes a hundred consecutive unblessed sneezes, it means the end of everything for her. This is incidental to the story, but provides a measure, a counting of distance through each of her own unblessed sneezes.
  14. Gracious living
  15. Hiraeth
  16. All gone