Systems Centred Therapy

You could write what I know about Systems Centred Therapy , other than what’s on Wikipedia, on the back of a postage stamp so I can neither endorse it or otherwise. I was casting about for an album name and just liked the sound of the words.

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All songs written and performed by Jon Moncrieff © 2013




  1. Bad Dog – Bad dogs have more fun.
  2. Shadowlight 
  3. Casting off – I developed this song in two different ways. In this one it seemed to me to be about casting off, (Clothes, habits, in a boat at the start of a voyage) and the prospect of new beginnings.
  4. Monkeys dancing with cats
  5. The man with the scarlet knee bands – I Ching Hexagram 47, the man with the scarlet knee-bands is a person of great eminence, possibly a ruler.
  6. Hivemind – a collective consciousness, a self-organising system.
  7. The boy in the corner – present but apart, included but absent.
  8. Starting to thrive
  9. The everlasting fragrant tree – The Kojiki, Volume II, Section LXXIV Again the Heavenly Sovereign sent Tajima-mori,  ancestor of the Chiefs of Miyake, to the Eternal Land to fetch the fruit of the everlasting 4 fragrant tree. So Tajima-mori at last reached that country, plucked the fruit of the tree, and brought of clubmoss eight and of spears eight; but meanwhile the Heavenly Sovereign had died. Then Tajima-mori set apart of clubmoss four and of spears four, which he presented to the Great Empress, and set up of clubmoss four and of spears four as an offering at the door of the Heavenly Sovereign’s august mausoleum, and, raising on high the fruit of the tree, wailed and wept, saying: “Bringing the fruit of the ever-lasting fragrant tree from the Eternal Land, I have come to serve thee;” and at last he wailed and wept himself to death. This fruit of the everlasting fragrant tree is what is now called the orange.” (info from
  10. Wistful glances
  11. Rivermist
  12. Tumbling leaves – Watching autumn leaves fall, then dance around with every gust of wind.
  13. Dance of the Assassins
  14. Deadly embrace – In computing terms this occurs when two running routines have each locked a resource the other wants, and is each waiting for the other to release theirs. An impasse, a mexican stand-off, deadlock. In human terms something much more dynamic and inflicted on children by middle aged aunts who smell of talcum powder. In this song, something entirely darker.
  15. Department of Stealth 
  16. Midnight blue – Night owls who don’t want to say goodnight just yet.
  17. The Vessel of all Counted Sorrows – Pinched from Christopher Fowler’s Bryant & May novel “The Water Room” about the Peculiar Crimes Unit in London. The vessel carries all a life’s sorrows. This is the second treatment of the same underpinnings as “Casting off”.
  18. Spring Dawn – Birds singing in woodlands as the day breaks and the leaves turn their faces to the warming sun.
  19. Falling Upwards
  20. Drifting away